Artist’s Statement

Throughout my life, nature has been the main source of discovery, fascination, and inspiration. Since my early works, nature has always been present in my art as a metaphor for life, as a concept that includes not only the natural cycle of living organisms, but also the complex interactions between different species including us, humans.

Nature and life are appealing subjects because of the parallels between the natural and human worlds: the dualisms of strength and fragility, beauty and ugliness, creation and destruction, and life and death.

The endless connections of nature and life with the idea of time take us closer to the concept of existence, which I also evoke through the symbolic or realistic interpretation of the cycle of life, and the detailed depiction of fragments of natural elements or man-made objects going through the process of decaying.

My body of work shows variations in the representation of nature going from very accurate depictions of single specimens, to surreal compositions with metamorphosis between different natural elements. These mutations come from the artistic exploration of the forms, and it is also a symbol of the invisible thread that connects all living organisms.